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Descendants of Malinda Brown

via Descendants of Malinda Brown.

via Descendants of Malinda Brown.


Personalized T-Shirts

Like personalized t-shirts? I am trying out a new site which may have ‘photo shirts’ — if I can be sure there is no problem with band members of groups represented in the Brother’s Band Family group? If 1 person says no, I will come up with a unique design, Here’s what I have available so far:

January 6th

Well, I have been taking a few days away from too much weaving; but do intend to continue practicing on the “Cherokee Braid” (also known as the Peruvian Flat Braid, in a book I have with instruction for the braid).

Hope the Holidays were good, and not too hectic for everyone. A few friends of mine have gotten off to a ‘bumpy’ new year; Dave and I have had a “bug” so did not celebrate New Year’s day with the usual visit with family. We stayed home, and ushered 2012 in quietly, with a bit of wine, and reading post online.

What have I been weaving?

I will try to post new photographs here in a few days; it should not be a problem, since I finally have my scanner connected back to my laptop/computer system.

Had a scary moment this evening; did a virus scan, and re-started…nothing.

Disconnected the USB devices, pressed the start button, and the ‘repair’ screen for Windows 7 showed up. NOT what you want to see after cleaning/quaranteen(ing) 5 infected files.

Ran the repair process, and got the computer to start back up. But to be on the safe side, I have the AntiVirus scanner doing a thorough scan of my entire computer! (Running in the background).

It will probably be busy for much of the time tonight.

As for me, just post a ‘daily’ post on one of my many BLOGS, which is one of my resolutions for the new year. Thank you, for reading. And please browse my other blogs, when you have time.

— Cathy Ann Abernathy — —

Late night, sore spots and little sleep

Think I have gotten comfortable enough to rest…then shift slightly, and “ouch” — why?
Twas helping load cedar logs, stumps and tidbit onto the flatbed trailer Sunday.
No problem for the most part.
Just one mishap — that’s what has my ‘sore spots’ keeping me from resting.
The culprit? A really prickly cedar stump; gnarled and with many roots. It could have been much worse (nothing was broken) — it just the by now the bruises are very sore, and I could not find the heating pad before bedtime.
Ice packs have helped; but heat would have been more of a relief. Also there are skeeters making very itchy, too.
I now realize my stomach is growling a bit. Think I’ll go downstairs, munch on some chips and try to get back to sleep.
— Cathy

Tying An O-Ring Belt

“How to Tie A Ring Belt” CLICK HERE

If you have trouble with this link — try this one:, and scroll down the page to find the tutorial.

New Creations have Begun

Several Newer Hand-Woven (sash) Pieces:

A Few Inkle (Loom) Woven Sashes

Here are a few examples of sashes I have woven on my INKLE loom. The photos are a bit on the ‘soft focus’ — I will add better close-up snapshots soon.

There are also about 6-8 HAND-WOVEN (wider) sashes that I have in my inventory here at home — they are a challenge to present in a single photo…

Most of my HAND-WOVEN sashes range from 5 feet — for women’s sizes; up to 11-1/2 feet (these are meant to cover seams/add trim on SCA regalia). For a standard MEN’s size, length is around 6-1/2 feet (80 inches) long…width varies.

The Inkle pieces are an average of 3-to-4-1/2 inched wide — and lengths can be from 5-feet up to 11-1/2 feet long.

Hope you enjoy seeing these unique wearable items.

— Cathy